Welcome to the Grey College Association

Grey College Association is an organisation designed to keep past members (alumni) of Grey College in touch with and provide support to the College.

Established in 1959 to support graduating members of the college for those first few years, the original President was the Master of the day, Sydney Holgate. As the number of alumni grew, the Association expanded and in time Dr Holgate stood aside, making way for a number of Presidents over the last four decades. The current President is Thomas Cliff, a College Tutor and 2001 graduate.

Each year the Association organises two reunions, one held in Durham and the other in London. Additionally, a magazine called Grey Matters is published annually and sent electronically to all College alumni — if you no longer receive a copy, please update your details.

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Durham Reunion 2020

UPDATE 16/03/2020: Unfortunately it has been necessary to cancel the reunion dinner due to concern…

Added Wednesday 12th February 2020

Durham Reunion 2019

The annual Durham Reunion will take place on the weekend of 13th to 15th September 2019 at Gr…

Added Tuesday 1st January 2019

London Reunion 2018

This year's London Reunion will take place on Friday 21st September 2018 from 6pm at&nbs…

Added Tuesday 3rd July 2018

A Message from the Master

As Master, I would like to thank the Association for the support that it has given to the College over the years. There have been many changes over the years, but the College remains a warm and welcoming place for people all over the UK and the world. I hope that you are able to take part in the Association’s activities in the coming year and be part of the Grey College community.  

Professor Tom Allen
Master, Grey College