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When you were first looking for a career, did you wish you could talk to someone who was actually doing what you thought you might want to do? Ever wish that you knew someone in a particular company who could tell you what it really is like, and if the training scheme is any good?

Now that you are working, would you be prepared to help the current generation of Grey undergraduates with exactly that sort of information? Even if you've retired, your experience and advice can also be useful.

The 'Careers Angels' scheme has been running since March 2005, and this website already shows the names, e-mail addresses and career details of over 600 Grey Alumni who have offered to help.

There's still room for plenty more support - we need Alumni who work in areas we don't yet fully cover (like Performing Arts, Advertising, Marketing, amongst others), as well as more recent graduates who can offer advice on company training schemes, etc.

Where you live is not important (all contact is through e-mail) and we have a number of overseas Angels already. The experience so far is that most Angels get 1 or 2 mails a term, but that probably depends on how much information you offer in your website biography.

Information will be maintained on the websites by the Association and full compliance with all relevant legislation will have to be ensured. It must be clearly understood by all involved that any advice or information given by the Grey 'Careers Angels' is in confidence, and without prejudice.

For more details, please contact Steve Gregory (alumnus 1965–1969) on 01793 722969 or