Eric Halladay

Master: 1980 — 1989
Born: 1930
Died: 1997

Eric Halladay, a history graduate from Cambridge and Military lecturer at Sandhurst joined Grey College in 1960 and was to become Syd's Vice-master. Eric succeeded Syd upon his retirement in 1980 as Master, and continued to develop the college as a community of learning, very much in the vision of his predicessor.

Eric considered by many to have a very individual approach to his role as Master, but whilst different instrumental to the development of the College we see today, the adaption to diversification through the admission of female students and identifying the financial pressures that still beset the college.

Eric was a keen rower, and one of the country's most respected oarsmen he coached the university to seventeen consecutive University Athletic Union titles in a row! Many said that he was never more at home than when coaching a squad of keen rowers.

It was the financial pressures he encountered that lead the Eric leaving his post as master. After this he took up positions through out the university, notably as principle of Aidens and Master of Chads. Eric Halladay died in 1997 following a period of illness.

Memories of Eric

Eric was a true gentleman and very influential. He had the ability to see the best in even the most egocentric oarsmen and his old world charm and manners were instrumetal in diffusing any number of tense situations in the crews. His values were timeless and just as relevant in the competitive rowing world: although at times we did not see this.

David Rendel

To find out more about Eric and the mysterious 1980s please see From the Ashes by Nigel Watson, a book chartering the history of Grey College.