Join & Support Grey Association


Membership of Grey College Association is open to College staff, fellows, graduates and anyone of goodwill who wishes to support the college. Most students pay for life membership through their annual College Battels Bill.

Life Membership costs £55. If you wish to join the Association, please send your details to the President.

Update Your Details

If you haven't heard from us for a while or would like to inform us of a change in details, you can do so by updating your details.

Donations & Financial Support

The Association welcomes all offers of financial support, no matter how small or large. Donations can be made to the Association directly, or through the Grey College Trust (which allows donations to be supplemented by the GiftAid scheme). Donations through the Grey College Trust must be marked as being for the Association. For more information, please contact the President.

Practical Support

If you feel that you can offer your time to the College, please contact the President to discuss ways in which you could help.

“Missing” Persons

Over the years, we all lose touch with friends — moving around seems to be part of life these days. Sadly, there are over 1,500 Grey Alumni for whom the College has no contact details, and we would love to get back in touch with them. The Grey College website has lists of these people — please look through them and use the form at the bottom of the page to help us re-establish contact.