Grey College Reunions

Each year, Grey College Association organises two reunions to give alumni the opportunity to meet old friends (and perhaps some new ones too). Full details and a booking form are provided in Grey Matters.

Photograph of a group of Old Boys at the 2011 Reunion DinnerDurham Reunion

The Durham Reunion takes place in Grey College during the Easter vacation. It is always a very special occasion, with events taking place over three days. The highlight is the Association Dinner, with superb food provided by college catering, in the company of our new Master, Professor Tom Allen.

The next Durham Reunion will take place in Easter 2020.

London Reunion

The London Reunion is held in a restaurant in London and provides an opportunity for alumni who may not be able to attend the Durham Reunion to meet and network.

Details of the next London Reunion will be announced once the arrangements have been finalised.

Other Events

Very occasionally other events are held in the UK or around the world. Details of these will be provided in News & Events.