The Jubilee Development Appeal

Grey celebrated its fiftieth anniversary from April 2009 until June 2010. Events were held in Durham and London to mark the occasion. These included:

  • An Alumnus Dinner, in Durham.
  • A special service in Durham Cathedral, lead by College Chaplain Simon Airey, with the Bishop of Kensington, Paul Williams (a Grey College alumnus) preaching.
  • A Celebrity Debate with the Reform Club on a theme that reflected the state of Britain in 1959.
  • A performance by the Garden Opera Company.
  • An exhibition by the Canadian Artist, Darius Rackus.
  • A retrospective exhibition of the work of Thetis Blacker, Honorary Fellow of the College.
  • A visit by a group of Classical Indian Dancers from Baroda University, India.
  • The College Jubilee Feast.

Fifty years is a very significant time in the life of any institution, and in its first five decades the College grew from small beginnings, with less than three hundred students, to a body with almost nine hundred undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the College now supports a strong Fellowships programme which supports the wider academic mission of the University. Yet, despite the changes that have taken place in the last half century, Grey remains the same at heart as it has always been: a welcoming, hospitable and exciting place to live and study, where academic work is balanced by excellent opportunities for sport, cultural pursuits and self-development through the discovery of new talents and skills.

The College Trust has set up a Jubilee Development Appeal. This, it is planned, will enable the College to put in hand one or more capital projects to improve the student experience at Grey. We hope that, as a result of the Appeal, we shall be able to embark on initiatives such as: the Development of a student support block; the extension of the JCR; the provision of an Arts Facility behind Fountains Hall; and improvement of the Victor Watts library. In addition, we plan to increase our ability to assist students in times of hardship, especially if they are unable to access funds from other sources.

If you need further information concerning the Appeal or Jubilee events, please contact the Master.